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4b). There are two levels of subitizing that all K children should be able to exhibit in order to do well in first grade and beyond, as follows: – Perceptual subitizing, which involves quickly establishing the cardinality of very small sets of objects, say, 1 to 4, without resorting to a counting-all strategy; – Analytical subitizing, which involves quickly counting in terms of familiar groups (or units) without resorting to a counting-all strategy. Notice that if you raise two of your fingers or see a picture with two dots in whatever arrangement you see them, you do not count all from 1.

One easy way of thinking about the two views is to consider CCSSM practice standard 2, reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, which is another way of interpreting symbolic and nonsymbolic algebraic approaches to solving mathematical problems. Practice standard 2 emphasizes both aspects of contextualizing and decontextualizing in problem solving activity.

However, with appropriate scaffolding, they can be taught to transform those pictures into diagrams. Indexical and symbolic diagrams can be mere skeletal shapes of figures or placeholder figures and do not need to resemble the original source. 1). 4, where a unit cube stands for 1, a long stands for a bundle of ten 10 unit cubes, a flat stands for a bundle of 10 longs, and a cube stands for a bundle of 10 flats. When they start to draw longs and flats, 26 GETTING TO KNOW THE COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS in particular, they usually take their time to draw stacks of squares.

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