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Certainly not, revered sir. " 1 samupddikd bhaveyya, as in Si. RhD. has " well-trimmed " and the sam may = sama, even. " Being on a level with the water " (PED. following Trenckner, p. 427) is also a possibility, for on the arrival of the second man the trouble begins, indicating that there was only a small margin of safety. This would almost commit us to Trenckner's conjecture of samupodikd] but it may in fact be impossible now to re-establish the original reading. MilnT. has samarh uddharh pathavim pavattt ti samupddikd.

Iii. 148. 8 32 MILINDA S QUESTIONS speech was not the medicine procured for him ? But then the Elder Sariputta thinking: ' It was because I broke into speech that this medicine has been procured for me, but let not my mode of living be torn/ and through fear of his mode of living being torn he refused that medicine, he did not take it. 1 This too is verbal hinting that is blamable. Ariyans do not partake (of alms) that have been hinted for in this way and, in the circumstances, the man is degraded, looked down upon, derided, found fault with, treated with contempt and disregarded by the ariyans; he is reckoned as one whose mode of livelihood is torn.

I. 5; cf S. i. 137. Cf. A. iv. 423. 7 nibbuddha, as at D. i. 6, explained at DA. i. *' 8 apakatatd, indistinctness, unknown-ness> unmanifestness. 2 THE DILEMMAS V 35 he hesitate because he was not omniscient (after all) ? What was the reason for that ? Please do you tell me the reason so as to remove my doubts. " " During four incalculables of eons, sire, and for a hundred thousand eons omniscient knowledge was matured by the Tathagata for pulling out great masses of people (from samsara); and when he had attained to omniscience his mind inclined to little effort and not to teaching Dhamma.

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