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Nor are all means of changing the body affordable for everybody. Therefore, body projects can create and reproduce inequalities (Shilling, 1997). The clothes we wear and the styles of fashion we adopt are part of our ‘technologies of self’ CHAPTER 1 IDENTITIES AND DIVERSITIES It is not only the visible body that affects our identities. Neuropsychological approaches have added to our understanding of embodied identities by demonstrating that there are many different ways in which identity can be altered when the brain is damaged.

Research on children should only be carried out with the informed consent of the children if they are able to give it and with informed parental consent. If a participant asks advice on psychological problems, care must be exercised in giving answers and if necessary the participant should be referred to professional advice. Researchers should not exceed their professional 31 32 MAPPING PSYCHOLOGY . . g. by giving advice if they are not therapists or experts on the advice needed). Participants should be debriefed properly and informed about findings etc.

Stanley Milgram, 1933–1984 29 30 MAPPING PSYCHOLOGY The ethical dilemma raised by this study concerns whether its potential benefit in helping us to understand how human beings can commit atrocities against each other outweighs the stress and pain it may have caused. Milgram believed that the participants in his series of experiments demonstrated a parallel psychological process to Nazi guards’ obedience to authority in Germany in the Second World War. 178). The dramatic findings from both Zimbardo’s and Milgram’s studies suggest that it is all too easy for negative aspects of human behaviour to be demonstrated.

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