By Lama Yeshe

In 1975, Lama Yeshe undertook his such a lot huge foreign instructing travel, being at the street for almost 9 months. in this time he gave many and sundry teachings, some of that have already been released in changing into your individual Therapist, Make Your brain an Ocean and The peaceable Stillness of the Silent Mind.This e-book comprises the lessons and meditations Lama gave at a five-day retreat he led close to Melbourne, Australia, which he brought through saying:"Whether or no longer this five-day meditation path turns into useful is as much as you; it depends upon your individual brain. it isn't a lama factor; i am not going to deliver you to enlightenment during this few minutes. rather than having too many expectancies of the lama, it is greater that you just generate a natural motivation for being right here. expectancies reason psychological difficulties; rather than being confident, they turn into negative..."If over the subsequent 5 days you can start to acknowledge the truth of your individual nature, this meditation path can have been beneficial. hence, commit your activities in this time to getting to know internal freedom via spotting the unfavorable features of your personal out of control mind."In line with Lama's intentions, this publication is devoted to the awakening of internal freedom in the minds of its readers and all different sentient beings.

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You think you’re free, but you’re not. Therefore you have to determine, “Dharma wisdom is the only solution to my problems; the only vehicle that can carry me to everlasting happiness. Only Dharma can truly save me from danger. Any minute, I could lose my mind and go mad. It’s possible; I’ve already created the cause for this to happen. Dharma wisdom, understanding the nature of the mind, is my only protection. ” You cannot rely on material things. 42 ego, at tachment, and liber ation ... For example, when husbands and wives are apart they worry about each other and feel agitated and insecure.

Therefore, it’s an impermanent phenomenon. 5... Questions and Answers W hen you investigate your mind, questions automatically arise. Instead of reacting negatively—“Oh, I have too many questions”— think, “How lucky I am to have questions. For such a long time I have accepted being under the control of ego and attachment without question. ” When you ask questions, you get answers. Those answers become wisdom; questions produce understanding knowledge-wisdom. Sometimes our weird mind thinks, “Normally, I have no questions; I’m happy.

But the idea, the picture, created by attachment and desire of what is beautiful and what is ugly is so silly, isn’t it? It’s not the reality of the fat that bothers you but the idea that it’s unattractive. Why? Because you cling to reputation; you’re worried what other people will think of you. I tell you, mother sentient beings on this Earth are so silly. People in one country think something is pretty; people in another country think the same thing is ugly. Here, this is bad; there, it is good.

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