By S.E. Wilmer, Audroné Žukauskaitė

Deleuze and Beckett is a set of essays on particular features of the Deleuze and Beckett interface. a number of the world's top Beckett and Deleuze experts practice diversified innovations of Deleuzian philosophy to quite a lot of Beckett's oeuvre, together with his novels, brief tales, and degree, movie and tv paintings.

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This can be explained, according to Deleuze, if we take into account that while Phaedrus and The Statesman were looking for the true pretender (and thus needed to establish his credentials through the authority of the founding myth), The Sophist involves a hunt for the false pretender. Such a pretender has no credentials, no relation to the truth of the Idea, and so there is no need to elaborate the foundation of this truth. Yet The Sophist leads us into paradox because, as readers of Plato, we recognize not only the sophist when he is at last hunted down, but see in the description of him the characteristics of the Socrates we have already met in previous dialogues.

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