By Paul Fournel

There's loads of sturdy to be acknowledged approximately publishing, customarily in regards to the meals. The books, though—Robert Dubois feels as though he's learn the books, yet nonetheless they retain coming again to him, the standard books simply by new authors. might be he's able to settle into the tip of his profession, like it's a tipsy afternoon after a operating lunch. yet then he's faced with a present: a section of know-how, a gizmo, a reader...

Dear Reader takes a wry, affectionate examine the realm of publishing, books and authors, and is a really humorous, relocating tale in regards to the passing of the previous and the buzz of the hot.

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Sherlock Holmes, James Bond, Conan, Hornblower, Hopalong Cassidy, and many others). The readers' advisor must have a recognition of series characters; patrons may request books by series character rather than by author. Lists of series are included in some of the secondary works listed, and such lists are sometimes compiled in libraries as aids for reader advising. Series characters are dominant in detective fiction, and secondary works frequently include biographical lists of detectives or a name index.

Phillips Oppenheim's The Great Impersonation, Ouida's Under Two Flags, Edgar Rice Burroughs's Tarzan of the Apes, Elinor Glyn's Three Weeks, E. C. Bentley's Trent's Last Case, George Barr McCutcheon's Graustark, R. C. Sherriff's The Hopkins Manuscript, Owen Wister's The Virginian, and Baroness Orczy's The Scarlet Pimpernel. The second collection of essays, Claude Cockburn's Bestseller: The Books That Everyone Reads, 1900-1939 (London: Sidgwick, 1972), also discusses 15 books, and, though some possibly Page 5 fall into the romance genre/his obvious genre choices, in addition to the Wren title, are Erskine Childers The Riddle of the Sands, Jeffery Farnol's The Broad Highway, and E.

Libraries Unlimited, Inc. O. Box 6633 Englewood, CO 80155-6633 1-800-237-6124 Production Editor/Copy Editor: Jason Cook Typesetting and Interior Design: Kay Minnis Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Herald, Diana Tixier.  -- 4th ed.  17x25 cm.  1991. Includes bibliographical references and index.  English fiction--Stories, plots, etc.  Fiction--Bibliography.  Genreflecting.  Title. 813009--dc20 95-7633 CIP Page v Contents Preface to the Fourth Edition xiii Acknowledgments xv Introduction xvii 1The Common Reader, Libraries, and Publishing 1 The Common Reader and Genre Fiction 1 Libraries and Genre Fiction 5 Reader Advisory Service 9 Publishing Genre Fiction 11 Women and Genre Fiction 13 L'envoi 13 Notes 14 2Western 16 Themes and Types 16 Mountain Men 18 Wagons West and Early Settlement 18 Texas and Mexico 19 Land Rush 19 Mormons 19 Merchants, Mule Trains, Stage Lines 20 Railroads 20 Mining 20 Lost Mines 21 The Army in the West 21 The Indian 21 Precontact Indians 22 Indian Captivities 23 Buffalo Runners 23 Cattle Kingdoms 23 The Hired Man on Horseback 24 Black Cowboy 24 Page vi Range War 24 Sheepmen 25 Cattle Drive 25 Bad Men and Good 26 Law and Lawmen 26 Town Marshal 27 Boy into Man 27 Mysterious Rider 28 The Singular Woman 28 Romance 29 Doctor and Preacher 30 Wild-Horse Hunt 30 Picaresque 30 The West Unromanticized 31 Comedy and Parody 31 Celebrity Western 32 Series 32 Saga Series 33 The West Still LivesThe Modern Scene 34 The Indian Today 35 Eccentric Variations 35 Gothic Western 35 Sweet-and-Savage Western 36 Detective Story Western 36 Fantasy Western 36 Science Fiction / Detective Western 36 British Western 36 "Adult" Western 37 Inspirational Western 38 Topics 38 Classic Authors: Early 38 Classic Authors: Recent 40 "Best Westerns" 41 Anthologies 41 Bibliographies and Encyclopedias 44 History and Criticism 44 Background on the West 45 The Cowboy 46 Western Writers of America 48 Publishers 48 Reprint Publishers 49 D's Western Picks 49 Page vii 3Crime 50 Themes and Types 50 Detective Story and Detectives 51 Police Detectives 53 Private Detectives 65 Ex-Cop 72 Comedy and Parody 73 Amateur Detectives 73 Detective Backgrounds 82 Immortal Investigators 87 Detective Story Settings and Subjects 92 Mystery-Suspense, Psychological-Suspense 100 Psychopathic Killers 103 Hospital Setting 103 Detection Writers 104 Romance Writers 105 Crime / Caper 105 Underworld 106 Rogue 107 Comic Caper 109 Legal Thriller 110 Topics 111 Biography of Fictional Detectives 111 Best-Selling Authors 112 Anthologies 112 Hard-Boiled Detectives 115 Women Detectives 115 Detectives and Science Fiction 116 Plays 116 Bibliographies 116 History 119 Criticism 120 CriticismParody 125 Encyclopedias 126 Who's Who: Pseudonyms and Characters 127 Writer's Manuals 127 Film 128 Magazines and Fanzines 129 Associations and Conventions 129 Associations 130 Conventions 130 Book Clubs 131 Publishers 131 D's Crime Picks 135 Page viii 4Adventure 136 Themes and Types 137 Spy / Espionage 137 Comic 144 Women 144 Technothriller 145 Financial Intrigue / Espionage 146 Political Intrigue and Terrorism 147 Survival 149 The Lone Survivor 149 Disaster 149 Male Romance 151 Classic Authors 152 Wild Frontiers and Exotic Lands 153 Soldier-of-Fortune 154 Women 154 Parody 154 Military and Naval Adventure 155 Adventure Books in Series 156 Paperback Male-Action/Adventure Series 157 A Miscellany 158 Topics 159 Spy / Espionage 159 Anthologies 159 Bibliographies 160 History and Criticism 160 Background 161 Journals and Associations 161 D's Adventure Picks 161 5Romance 162 The Appeal of Romance 162 Themes and Types 164 Womanly Romances 164 Glitz and Glamour 168 Romantic-Suspense 169 Gothic 171 Supernatural Romance 171 Historical Romance 172 Historical Novel 173 The"Royals" 174 Period Romance 175 Page ix Topics 196 Bibliographies and Biographies 196 History and Criticism 198 CriticismParody 200 Writer's Manuals 201 Review Journals 202 Authors Associations 203 Conferences 203 Publishers 204 Paperback Publishers 205 D's Romance Picks 206 6Science Fiction 207 Themes and Types 207 Hard Science 210 New Wave 211 Ecology 212 Messianic / Religious 213 Dystopia / Utopia 214 Apocalypse 215 Alternate and Parallel Worlds 216 Time Travel, Time Warp 217 Lost Worlds 218 Immortality 219 Psionic Powers 219 Space Opera 220 Galactic Empires 222 Militaristic 222 Space Travel 223 Alien Beings 224 Computers, Automation 225 Cyberpunk 226 Robots, Androids, Cyborgs 227 Social Criticism 228 The Superman 229 Women in Science Fiction 229 Love and Sex 230 Detectives in Science Fiction 231 Science Fantasy 233 Topics 234 "Best" Authors and Their Best 234 Parody 237 Poetry 238 Anthologies 238 Theme Anthologies 240 Anthology Series 244 Bibliographies 245 Encyclopedias 247 Page x Dictionaries 248 History 248 Criticism 249 Writer's Manuals 252 PoetryBibliographies 252 Magazines 252 Critical Journals 253 Reviews 253 Associations and Conventions 254 Associations 254 Conventions 254 Awards 254 Science Fiction Book Clubs 255 Publishers 255 D's Science Fiction Picks 257 7Fantasy 258 Themes and Types 259 Sword-and-Sorcery 259 Dungeons and Dragons 262 Saga, Myth, and Legend 263 Arthurian Legend 264 Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest 265 Fairy Tales 265 Humorous Fantasy 266 Parallel Worlds 266 Tolkien Tradition 268 C.

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