By G. Stenman, J. Bullerdiek, S. Bartnitzke, P. Sahlin, E. Röijer, J. Mark (auth.), Prof. Dr. J. Bullerdiek, Dr. S. Bartnitzke (eds.)

Researchers considering the cytogenetics and molecular genetics of human tumors will welcome this accomplished review of the kind of aberrations that chromosome 12 provides in human reliable tumors. The authors research the consequences for a cytogenetic subtyping of the tumors concerned and methods for deciding on the molecular alterations which underlie the karyotypic changes.
The aberrations of chromosome 12 which the ebook offers with are very common chromosomal adjustments in human tumors occuring in widespread benign mesenchymal tumors, akin to uterine leiomyomas and lipomas, and in tumors of epithelial foundation, akin to pleomorphic adenomas of the salivary glands.

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Fig. 1,A,B. Partial karyotypes from two case of lipoma showing A an aberration interpreted as t(3;12) (q27;14), and B an ins dup (12;12) (q24;q13q24). Arrowheads indicate breakpoints Lipoma Cytogenetics 29 t(3;12) is of primary pathogenetic importance in lipoma. Rearrangements involving 3q27-28, but not 12q13-15, have not been found, whereas the reverse is quite common (see below). Although the possibility cannot be excluded that tumors without 3q27 - 28 aberrations have molecular genetic changes of this segment, it seems likely that changes of 12q13-15 rather than those of 3q27 - 28 are more important in lipomas.

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Cancer Genet Cytogenet 54:223-228 Turc-Carel C, Dal Cin P, Rao U, Karakousis C, Sandberg AA (1986a) Cytogenetic studies of adipose tissue tumors: I. A benign lipoma with recipracal translocation t(3;12)(g28;g14). Cancer Genet Cytogenet 23:283-289 Turc-Carel C, Limon J, Dal Cin P, Rao U, Karakousis C, Sandberg AA (1986b) Cytogenetic studies of adipose tissue tumors: H. Recurrent reciprocal translocation t(12;16)(g13;pll) in myxoid liposarcomas. Cancer Genet Cytogenet 23:291- 299 Turc-Carel C, Dal Cin P, Boghosian L, Leong SPL, Sandberg AA (1988) Breakpoints in benign lipoma may be at 12gB or 12g14.

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