By Yongsheng Bi

Divided into 8 chapters, this booklet expounds largely the overall wisdom and theoretical foundation of outgoing-qi remedy, the issues, education, assistance and emission of qi, the prognosis of disorder by way of outgoing-qi, its rules and particular remedy equipment, and the suggestions for correcting deviations taking place in the course of Qigong perform. additionally brought are 20 tools of teaching and guiding qi, 29 hand gestures for emitting qi and the abilities of differential analysis and therapy of forty five universal illnesses. a few result of laboratory experiments of outgoing-qi are integrated to supply the clinical facts of the consequences.

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It falls into two categories: the negative yao (symbolized by the broken line-) and the positive yao (sym-74- bolized by the unbroken line-), the former representing yin and the latter representing yang . The overlap of three yao may form different trigrams of the Eight Diagrams . For example, the trigram ___ is the overlap of the two positive yao and one 2-16) . Top 5th 4th 3rd 2nd Bottom Yao mw Yao Yao Yao Yao Yao ~ Top-six six-five six-four Yin Lines nine-three nine-two Bottom-nine Yang Lines Fig .

2-17(1)]. According to this doctrine, the lower two yao can be considered as Earth, the middle two as man, and the upper two as Heaven, meaning Qian being the head and Kun being the abdomen : Similar to the composition of yin-yang as well as the Eight Diagrams and the Five Elements, the position of the yao images is arranged in line with the principle of yin-yang encompassing yin-yang and yao image encompassing yao image, and parts closely related with the whole and man closely related with nature .

As it is the basic substance and the dynamic force for maintaining normal life activities of the human body, vital en- (1) Congenital Essence (Primordial Essence) Inherited from parents, congenital essence constitutes the ergy (qi) implicates two aspects, material and functional . It is also classied into congenital and acquired . Congenital vital en- original substances of the human body, being the material basis for growth, development and reproduction . Ling' Shu - Jing Mai (Miraculous Pivot - Channels and Vessels)says, "Essence ergy (qi) is also named primordial vital energy (qi), which is inherited from parents and derived from congenital essence .

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