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content material: procedure automation : a rheological and chemical review of thermoset curing / C.A. may well, M.R. Dusi, J.S. Fritzen, D.K. Hadad, M.G. Maximovich, K.G. Thrasher, and A. Wereta, Jr. --
therapy kinetics and mechanical homes of a resin matrix : results of impurities and stoichiometry / Gary L. Hagnauer, Peter J. Pearce, Bernard R. Laliberte, and Margaret E. Roylance --
Kinetics of acetylene-terminated resin remedy and its results on dynamic mechanical houses / I.J. Goldfarb, C.Y-C. Lee, and C.C. Kuo --
Acetylene-terminated resin remedies : air and nitrogen results / C.Y-C. Lee, C.C. Kuo, and I.J. Goldfarb --
Mechanism and kinetics of the curing strategy in a resin method / J. Moacanin, M. Cizmecioglu, S.D. Hong, and A. Gupta --
Moisture-temperature results at the dynamic mechanical houses of epoxy polymers / Wayne J. Mikols and James C. Seferis --
Cross-linking response of an epoxy resin with phthalic anhydride / Elbert W. Crandall and Winston Mih --
Chemiluminescence of thermosetting resins / Clarence J. Wolf, Dale L. Fanter, and Michael A. Grayson --
Poly(n-butyl methacrylate) and poly(butyl methacrylate-co-acrylic acid) motion pictures : dried from options of hydrogen bonding power / Michael S. Chuu, Carl J. Knauss, Richard J. Ruch, and Raymond R. Myers --
medication of intaglio printing inks / D.L. Hunston, J.L. Rushford, W.R. Newitt, and B.A. Vandreuil --
Curing habit of segmented polyurethane adhesives / D. Mark Hoffman --
Rheological healing transformation diagrams for comparing polymer treatment dynamics / Richard J. Hinrichs --
Curing kinetics of unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester resins / Chang Dae Han and Kwok-Wai Lem --
Dynamic mechanical and dielectric homes of an epoxy resin in the course of therapy / W.X. Zukas, W.J. Macknight, and N.S. Schneider --
Reactive platforms : finite aspect research / Craig Douglas and David Roylance --
Kinetic version of treatment reactions : aids to estate and processing predictions / H.S.-Y. Hsich, R.M. Zurn, and R.J. Ambrose --
Thermosetting coatings : analytical and predictive power through chemorheology / Richard R. Eley --
Predictive types as aids to thermoset resin processing / M.R. Dusi, C.A. might, and J.C. Seferis.

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L A L I B E R T E , and M A R G A R E T E . R O Y L A N C E Army Materials and Mechanics Research Center Organic Materials Laboratory Watertown, M A 02172 The effects of impurities, or synthesis by­ -products, and stoichiometry on the cure kinetics of Ν,Ν'-tetraglycidyl methylene dianiline (TGMDA) resins formulated with diaminodiphenyl sulfone (DDS) are evaluated using gel permeation chromato­ graphy and d i f f e r e n t i a l scanning calorimetry. During the early stages of cure (177°C), the predominant reaction is amine-epoxy addition represented by a third-order rate expression.

The decrease i n the extent o f r e a c t i o n a t the onset o f g e l a t i o n , with i n c r e a s i n g i DDS may be the conseqence o f a net decrease^fn the average f u n c t i o n a l i t y of the r e a c t a n t s . A. Gupta (3) has found that the secondary amine formed i n TGMDA-DDS r e a c t i o n products i s r e l a t i v e l y nonr e a c t i v e and proposes that the e f f e c t i v e f u n c t i o n a l i t y o f DDS i s nearer 2 than 4. Both GPC and DSC show t h a t i m p u r i t i e s or r e a c t i o n by­ products i n commercial TGMDA r e s i n s increase the r a t e o f r e a c t i o n .

In t h i s paper the e f f e c t s o f i m p u r i t i e s and s t o i c h i o m e t r y on the TGMDA-DDS p o l y m e r i z a t i o n r e a c t i o n are i n v e s t i g a t e d . P r e l i m i n a r y data showing the e f f e c t s o f i m p u r i t i e s and post-cure treatment on the mechanical p r o p e r t i e s and moisture up-take o f the TGMDA/DDS r e s i n matrix are presented. The p u r i f i e d TGMDA monomer, t h e commercial r e s i n s G-120 and MY720, and a sample c o n s i s t i n g p r i m a r i l y o f TGMDA oligomers are used f o r t h i s study.

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