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Realize the thrill and pleasure of yard birding with this nice family members activity!

Filled with easy-to-follow certain plans, construct your personal yard Birdhouses and Feeders is a must have for woodworkers, birding lovers, and hobbyists. construct your personal yard Birdhouses and Feeders positive aspects plans in numerous kinds, from extremely simple to a section more difficult; full-color, distinct illustrations and step by step directions to steer each step; and an entire fabrics record that notes every little thing had to whole the venture. you could continually purchase a birdhouse or feeder, yet making one together with your personal fingers is bound to extend your delight in this attention-grabbing yard pastime.

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Glue the dowel pieces into the holes, leaving the exposed parts as perches. ➒ Mark a point on top of the log in the center. Drill a pilot hole and insert the screw eye. ➓ Insert one end of the flexible wire through the screw eye and twist tightly. Hang from a tree limb. 11 Mix bird seed in peanut butter and fill the holes with the mixture for tasty treats for your birds. indd 53 ■ 53 Job:02718 Title: Build Your Own Backyard Birdhouse & Feeders (MBI) 5/20/11 Page:53 1:58 PM Down Home Bird Feeder T his is a very basic but attractive bird feeder.

On one edge of a side piece measure and mark 1" from the top. Draw a line from the opposite top corner to the 1" mark. Cut on the line at an angle so that the side piece tapers from 15" in the back to 14" in the front. Drill two ¼" ventilation holes at the top of the side panel. ➎ Repeat step 4 with the other side piece. ➏ The back edge of the roof will need to be cut in at the same angle as the side panel to fit flush against the back. Position the back edge of the roof on top of a side piece and trace the angle onto the roof 's back edge so that the two pieces form a straight line.

Position the front panel in front of the two side pieces. Secure it with finishing nails. 11 Position the 8" × 7½" screen on the underside of the feeding tray. Use a staple gun to attach the screen to the bottom of the tray and the back of the panel. Trim to fit. 12 Using wood glue, secure the dowel in the ¼" hole. 13 The ends of the roof pieces that meet at the peak will need to be cut at an angle so that they meet evenly. ) Bevel-cut one end of both sections at a 30-degree angle. 14 Position the roof sections on top of the back panel with the bev- eled ends held together.

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