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READ THESE ARTICLES… MANATEES • MOLLUSKS • WALRUSES Answer: Actually, muskrats eat both plants and meat, which makes them omnivores (animals that eat all foods). © 2008 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc. ★ Are muskrats herbivores (plant eaters) or carnivores (meat eaters)? 57 SE A T GH RCH LI Fill in the blank: All walruses have _______ growing from the sides of their mouths that help them fight, cut holes in the ice, and drag themselves out of the water. DID YO The scie U K NOW n Odoben tific name for ?

Afterward the sponges are dried, cleaned, and trimmed. The fleshy parts are thrown away, and only the “spongy” skeleton is used. The ancient Greeks and Romans used sponges to pad their armor and helmets. People still use sponges for scrubbing themselves clean, for painting, and for making medicines. However, factory-made sponges have taken the place of natural sponges in most homes. LEARN MORE! READ THESE ARTICLES… CORAL • JELLYFISH • MOLLUSKS A school of fish swims near some sponges. A few animals eat sponges, but most leave them alone because of their unpleasant taste and smell.

But they aren’t fish at all. ” “Aquatic” means they live in water. Mammals are warm-blooded creatures that give birth to live young and feed them with milk. Whales can’t stay under the water all the time as fish do. They have to come up for air from time to time. They breathe through blowholes at the top of their heads. ” You can spot a whale by its spout. Fish can’t make sounds. But whales can make two kinds of sounds. The first sounds like a bark, or a whistle, or sometimes a scream. Whales make these sounds to speak to each other.

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