By Antero Alli, Robert Anton Wilson

Angel Tech is a consultant for the conclusion of the Multidimensional Self. the good neurological scripts of the prior are synthesized and modernized for our day: Tarot, Cabala, Alchemy, the Hindu Chakra approach and extra are all made available and comprehensible

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I bought this publication for my (now) ex-husband, who refused to learn it. I learn it such a lot of instances and feature loaned it out to such a lot of humans i have forgotten the place it really is now. THIS e-book in truth replaced MY existence FOR the higher.

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How could I? Anyway, we met and we both knew.. it was kind of uncanny yet tremendously reassuring. He told me my life was a mess and turned me onto the karma mechanics motto. " It was straight uphill from then on. CD: Straight uphill? KM: A hell of a lot of hard work. Chip. CD: Right. Of course (coughs). KM: You see, once I realized my life was a mess, I couldn't pretend to be a real, together guv anymore. " In fact, I've never felt so damned ignorant in all my life. Not stupid.. ignorant.. there's a difference.

E.. Emotional, Conceptual, and Social Security. All gears depend upon First Gear to keep the robot alive and moving. Gear Two Emotional Survival revolves a bit faster around territorial and status issues. It's responsible for robot power. Third Gear Conceptual Survival spins faster still around symbolic robot skills like Angel Tech 25 thinking, writing, talking, reading and making maps of local experience. Third Gear is the robot brain. Gear Four Social Survival whirls about and incorporates all previous gears towards getting it together to relate socially with other robots.

As bodies, we feel real by feeling ourselves.. either through pleasure and/or pain. This is one way our energy stabilizes itself, without which, things get pretty spacy. The body's central need is to be felt deeply. As discussed, it does so through pleasure and/or pain. The choice is yours and is really a matter of personal preference. ) The bottom line is that the body must be felt lest it screams as silently or blatantly as necessary. How we end up feeling ourselves is up to us. If we grow negligent in meeting this need, we run the risk of exciting the body's awesome devotion and power to call forth cosmic allegiance.

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