By Shashank Tiwari, Elad Elrom

Leveraging architectural and layout styles -- developing complicated elements -- Turbo-charging facts binding -- Tuning functions for stronger functionality -- Flex and AIR: taking purposes to the machine -- Integrating with Java utilizing companies -- Integrating through information and media providers -- Hypertext Preprocessor and Flex -- speaking with JavaScript and HTML: online page integration -- Flex mashups -- Migrating net 1.0 interface to RIA -- Sculpting interactive company intelligence interfaces -- operating with net 2.0 APIs -- Facilitating audio and video streaming -- utilizing 3D in Flex

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I mentioned that views could be aware of the model and directly read off the values, but models should be unaware of the views or any other entities that consume them or interact with them. This would mean models should also be unaware of the controllers that help them interact with the views. In the simplest form, a bindable model could be consumed in a view, especially by binding a destination to bindable sources using curly braces. In such a case, changes to the model would be propagated to the view automatically.

Any appropriate value can be assigned to a variable by reference. The reference or pointer, also called the binding source, is bound to the variable using curly braces. On evaluation, the actual value is assigned to the variable. The assignment is carried out by copying property values from the source to the destination. The value of the source property, which is referenced within the curly braces, is copied to the destination property, the variable to which the reference is assigned. This allows for dynamic binding of values to variables and keeps the source of the value and the consumption point loosely coupled.

This has two advantages: it provides for easy reuse, and it alleviates the usage of a server-side data service for the Flex application. xml security policy file. If the data calls are more fine-grained and frequent or involve access to many remote procedures, it may be worthwhile to use server-side data services and use the remoting infrastructure. In such cases as well, service-oriented exposition of application layer functionality is beneficial. If you come from the world of web applications, you may be concerned about state management and may question the use of stateless services.

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