By Chris Bucholtz

4th Fighter team "Debden Eagles" КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Publishing LtdСерия: Aviation Elite devices 30Автор(ы): Chris BucholtzЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2008Количество страниц: 66x2ISBN: 978-1-84603-321-6Формат: pdf OCRРазмер: 45,9 mb RAPIDили IFOLDER sixty eight

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He went straight down, skidding, rolling, and he took violent evasive action. [ kept firing short bursts. Pieces were coming oFF him all the time, two of which damaged my P-51. I was directly above him, going straight down, when he seemed to hit compressability. His aeroplane was shuddering violently. I had to put down 20 degrees of flap to keep From overrunning him. [ was indicating 500+ mph. The Me 109 started to pull out, and doing the same, [ blacked out. ' I Lt joseph Lang saw the same gaggle of aeroplanes and ordered his squadron to drop tanks and give chase.

He flicked and well[ inco a dive, with me following. He hit the deck at about a 45-degree angle and burned. ' Maj arpell[er's ection jumped eight Fw 190s. 'I saw Maj Carpell[er fire at one of them', reported one of the pilots in the flighe. There was an explosion on it, and I saw it spin down. ' Carpell[er then despatched a Bf 109, leaving it 'smoking and in a diving turn', recalled visiting pilot Maj Jenks, who 'fired at the rear Me 109, which half-rolled and split 'eel. I followed it down, thinking it was not damaged badly, but it never pulled oue.

1 was closing fa t when I saw his tank strike the ground. I was not more than 15 ft above as I passed over him and saw his prop churn inco the ground, throwing pieces, and the aircraft then crashed violencly. 'I sighted another Me J 09 3000 ft below me, being chased by other P-5Is. I dumped flaps and dove- the enemy aircraft scraightened out as 1 near Stendal. He was killed instancly. 'Cowboy' Megura quickly jumped on the Bf 109 and shot it down. Also lost during the mission was 335th FS pilot ILt Lloyd Henry, who died when his fighter was downed by enemy aircrafe.

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